Schedule and Announcements



In order to slow the spread of COVID-19 and protect the most vulnerable in our community, New Hope Lutheran Church is CLOSED until Sunday, March 29th.    Prior to that we will re-evaluate whether our closure will need to be extended.





Join us every Wednesday evscan0001ening during Lent at 7:00 pm for a series entitled, “By His Wounds We Are Healed!.

The innocent Son of God had no since of his own for which he deserved to die, yet his enemies falsely accused him of violating every commandment of God.  In each service in this series we will see that it was our sin, our disobedience, that Jesus bore in his body on the cross.  The Lord laid on him “the iniquity of us all.”  Jesus suffered the penalty of death in our place, and “by his wounds  we are healed.”